Dear Dr Senthil
“In one-word Spectacular Congratulations to you and your wife for much innovative perfect execution.
Looking forward to Ophthall 2019.”

Dr Debasish Bhattacharya
Chairman, Disha Eye Hospitals Kolkotta

“Hello Dr Senthil
Many many thanks for superb eye opening and brain storming OPHTHALL conference. I sincerely wish this was done earlier and another brilliant idea was ROUND TABLE sessions which saw superb attendance and mind blowing interactions. I am sure Ophthall 2018 will benefit all of us in our day to day practice”

Dr Mannu Rajnani, Mumbai

Sincere thanks and congratulations from the core of my bosom, to You and your dedicated team, Dr Senthil. It was a super super super success as I expected it will be..
I am highly honoured getting an opportunity to be one of the panellists in the first round table.  Myself and Arumuga Nainar were talking, “Wish, we could attend such a beautiful conference 10 YEARS AGO! It was opposite of what happens in AIOC. FEW in HALL more in TRADE, here it was, FEW in TRADE, more in HALL.
You deserve a big applause.

Dr Pradip Mohanta
Netra Jyoti Eye Hospital Ranaghat West Bengal

“Hi senthil a great meeting and best part is done so successfully and without a big corporate or company support. Out of the box idea. Great going congratulations.”

Dr Kamal Kapur
Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals Delhi

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