Thinking of Setting up your own OT, Lets discuss the Pros and Cons

Its every eye surgeons dream of operating in their own place, 

I would like to mention the pros and cons of having your own OT set up. 

Advantages of having your own OT:

1. Control  over the processes like sterilisation and infection control 

2. Freedom to operate when ever you want and at whatever cost, including the option to operate on camp patients 

3. OT scheduling according to your convenience and minimum travel. 

4. *Ego satisfaction!!- achieving your dreams *

Challenges of having your own OT:

1. Responsibilities of maintaining asespis and Sterility 

2. *Cost of setting up *

Microscope-              10 to 20 lakh 

Phaco machine-      10-20 lakh 

OT infrastructure-  10-15 lakh 

[Ac, flooring, autoclave , Boyles, multipara monitor, Ot table, OT Chair, recovery room bed and furniture. ]

Miscellaneous- [TV, Fridge, cabinet ????, locker].  1-2 lakh 

Totally 35 lakh for very moderate set up . For a very high end set up it may cost 50-75 lakh too. 

3. HEADACHE ????- Paper work and cost for accreditation like CEA, licensing from local authorities, NABH etc . You have to spend on biomedical disposal, generator, inverter, fire safety. 

4. *Training Personnel and backup for critical staff. *

Its one of the challenges of training staff to your needs and also keeping them on rolls with salary bonuses etc. You have to be prepared for trained staff leaving you for frivolous reasons and retrain new staff all the time. 

Only You know whether you can manage the challenges... no one can answer that part. Moreover only you know how big and how important the advantages are to you. Once you are able to weigh the PROS Vs CONS... you can go to the next steps 

1. Feasibility - rented place is better initially as you have less investment on land and building. Entering into a 5 year lease will protect your infrastructure investment reasonably. 

2. Cost Vs benefits analysis / currently where you operate, how much you spend per case will give your current monthly expenditure on surgical infrastructure. At current volume how much will you spend for saving this money with versus your monthly fixed expenses on YOUR OWN OT like salary, electricity, tax & Maintainence repair etc. 

3. Break even time with current volume of surgeries - 

4. Also look if you can invite others to use your OT to maximise the utilisation every day. 

I know it all sounds a bit daunting but once you think ???? it through it will be definitely worth it. 

Happy to clarify your doubts if any.

Dr D P Prakash 

American eye care & LASIK Centres