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Attachment for Surgical Microscope Upgradation

Description :

This is a innovation of an Ophthalmologist Dr Jagdeep M Kakadia and is an Stereo Co axial Illumination Device attachment for any Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope without any modifications and a normal Operating Micrscope converts to a high end surgical microscope available in the market . Omniglo Provides 1) A Omnipresent Homogenous Red reflex in any tilt of the eye and even in small undialated pupils. 2) Improved Stereopis. 3) Improved Phase Contrast Omniglo can be externally attached to any surgical microscope at its bottom, No Modifications are required , and a Normal Surgical Microscope converts to a higher end surgical Microscope.

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Product Specifications :

 Advantages of Omniglo

Omniglo is developed after a very meticulous and methodical research spanning over a decade which led to the development of this Stereo Coaxial Illumination device with phase contrast Enhancement Optics and steropis enhancement Optics.

1) It Gives a Omnipresent , Homogeneous Red Reflex in any tilt / position of Eye Ball and in any size of the Pupil. There is full redglow even in Undilated pupul as small as 2 mm

2) Streopsis enhancement is so good that just to describe even a Hypermetropic Eye with shall chamber will look like a Myopic Eye.

3) Phase Contrast very helpful in critical steps such as capsulorhexis, trench depth control, IA of cortex,PC Polishing etc.

Product Details

1) Omniglo can be externally attached to any surgical microscope at its bottom, No Modifications are required , and a Normal Surgical Microscope converts to a higher end surgical Microscope.

2) Omniglo being a source of Illumination itself, you need not switch on Microscope light at all, or use a combination of Microscope and Omniglo Light.

3)Surgeons Working distance will not be reduced.

4) Omniglo Lights are cool ( No IR, No UV, Only Visible Spectrum Emission) very special kind of Filament Less Halogen+ LED Hybrid Light.

5) Optics are made of unscratchable synthetic diamond plate and also all coatings are fungicidal ( Ionic Silver) so there will be no scratches and no loss of Optical Quality for 25+ Years

6) Metal Housings are made of aeronautical grade very light weight titanium and aluminium, so the weight is so low ( 400 Gm) so it will not overload fine focus, XY motors or their gears.

7) Omniglo can be fixed to a dedicated anterior segment Microscope, or it can be made with such a plate that you can easily remove and insert Retina Surgery BIOMin the same plate. ( The cost will be extra for making this attachment)

8) Power supply is variable and dimmable from zero to 100% illumination. Most surgeons work at about 40-60% power. So it will run very cool, way under its maximum wattage


FAQ on Omniglow- Answered by Dr Jagdeep Kakadia- The Inventor of Omniglo

1) Why Omniglo?

Choice is like this :- a surgeon can upgrade anterior segment simple basic or zoom microscope to Lumera 700 like stereo-coaxial glow, well enhanced stereopsis and enhanced contrast, at a fraction of the cost he will be spending on a higher end Microscope

2) I have a opmi visu 160 sir for which we have a appasamy BIOM. Since there is the BIOM plate below the objective of the microscope I want to know whether the omniglow can be attached over that. I don't mind removing it while VR cases are going on

 Omniglow reduces working distance only marginally which is not really significant  And when BIOM and Inverter are to be used, we have to remove Omniglow while attaching BIOM. Omniglo is not for surgeons who want to do Cataract and Retina Surgery in the same sitting.

3) Is Omniglo an Alternative for Expensive Microscopes such as Lumera i?

Omniglow is not an alternative of Lumera-I, but it is reasonably good option for all of us who can not afford to spend 75 lakh on a new surgical microscope plus waste the 15 lakh or so money already spent on existing microscope.... so, choice depends on need and investment capability and the quality of Image becomes so good that the quality of surgery improves overall with very minimal investments.

4) What are the details we need to provide before we order the Omniglo?

You should provide details such as  make and model of microscope of Microscope  and  close up photos of microscope head (right, left, front and bottom view). Since each Omniglo is custom made, these details are required.

5) Does Omniglo Reduce Working Distance of the Operating Field?

Omniglow reduces working distance only marginally... which is not really significant 

6) How easy is it to add n remove omni glow prior to retina surgery n post that? Is it easy like inserting a BIOM?

Very Easy to remove and fit. For those who have BIOM, Omniglow gets inserted into same plate

7) How things will differ if we operate with APPA Brilliant + Omniglow & 1 Fr + Omniglow ?

Difference is like seeing 6/6 vs 6/4... not significant if not compared... but suppose if one doctor has 1FR Pro in his own hospital, and has Appa Briliant in a trust hospital where he is visiting surgeon, then he will realise the difference in quality of vision and comfort and fatigue less working. However, for its price, Brilliant is really brilliant, and very good value for money. Brilliant + Omniglow will be close to, like Lumera 700 with step magnification

8) Sir after this wonderful innovation why don't you develop a microscope with in built omniglow illumination. That will be a no brainer buy  for any budding ophthalmologist to start a private practice. Just an idea to ponder

 Thanks for the suggestion But it is too big a task to develop whole microscope I have to close my practice for that.But I am working a plan with a well known Japanese company to have very good cost effective scope

9) If one is operating in multiple centres, can one omniglow be used as portable  so that it can be removed n fitted to other microscope?

Yes If the microscope is same model Each microscope make and model has it’s own optical finger print and dimensions are different for different modelsSo, if model is same, yes u can carry it. It only takes ten mins to remove and install it.

10) Comparison of Omniglo in Lumera 300 and Leica M220?

Lumera 300 is a misnomer It has suboptimal glow and stereopsis Optically it is excellent, but there is poor   illumination system.But Lumera 300 + Omniglow = Lumera 700

Leica has much better stereopsis  Because Zeiss Lumera 300 has 22 mm as stereopsis base, while Leica has 24 mm... wider the stereo-base, more is 3D perception (Moller Wedel has 25 mm stereo b  Leica M220 plus Omniglow will have even better stereopsis Dr Kakadia Jagdeep: Omniglow gives Omniglow Present Red Glow, enhances Zeiss stereopsis to Moller Wedel level, and gives very good contrast in transition tissues (capsule, cortex and vitreous, and also visco.

11) What are the advantages of Buying through Ophthall?

Omniglo has partnered with Ophthall for providing special prices to Ophthall Members- The prices offered to Ophthall Buying group would be the lowest and shall be 10-20% lower than the lowest market price since Ophthall Buying group is providing us bulk orders with nil marketing expenses.

12) How do I order the Omniglo through Ophthall Buying Group?

Log on to Become a Member of Buying group- Generate your Code and then get in touch with Mr Hari 8754517944 to get order processed.

Omniglo User  Videos

Omniglo Vs Microscope Light

The Omniglo Diffrence

My First Case with Omniglo

Upgrade your Microscope with Omniglo

Attach Omniglo in 3 Mins to your Microscope

OBG Members Special Pricing for Omniglo- Call Toll Free 1800-572-1051 for special prices

Please send in whats app your Microscope Details , Brand  , Model and Photos - to design your Omniglo- Send to Mr Hari 8754517944

Ophthall buying Group Member Reviews

"Have successfully installed Omni glow in our OT recently. Immensely thanking Dr.Senthil and Ophthall buying group Team for their excellent coordination in smooth dealings for this initiative.

The performance of omniglow can be simply summarised in one word. Amazing!!!

Extremely good red glow. Amazing depth perception.Excellent illumination and resolution.

Our 1FR has now become metamorphosized into a Lumera I.

Thanks to the innovators.

All the surgeons in our OT are extremely excited about using this wonderful addition."

Dr Ramesh Aarthy Eye Hospital karur

Installed omniglo recently and I shud say all my scepticism about whether I shud have invested disappeared as soon as I started my first case.Definitely worth the investment and the brilliant red glow and amazing clarity of the PC and ocular structures made surgery a pleasant and exciting experience.The installation was coordinated by the Ophthall team  and it was done in a v organised and efficient way and I got a really good deal. Thanks to Dr.Senthil.

Dr Suganthi Prabakar Annai eye care clinic Pondicherry