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Ophthall – Buying Group for Ophthalmologists

What is a Buying Group?

Group purchasing or group buying is a simple concept that adheres to the mentality of “power in numbers.” In essence, groups of buyers come together and leverage their size to gain access to large discounts on products or services.

Ophthall-Buying Group.

In Indian Eye Care Market, most of the purchases are individual purchases and very rarely there has been small unorganized group purchases, hence individual practices have never been able to leverage the power of group buying.

While many corporate Eye Care Chains have been able to aggregate purchasing within their own groups, individual Eye Hospitals have not historically had a platform where they could organize themselves for group buying.

Ophthall Buying group will be the first Organized platform for Ophthalmologists to combine and make their purchases.

How will you benefit?

  • No Membership Fee.
  • We will form the Buying group for the product you are interested in.
  • Discounted Prices shall be offered by vendors displaying in the India Ophthalmology Expo for the group.
  • We shall slowly transform into a major buying force all over India.

What are the Next steps?

  • Become a member by filling up the Membership form.
  • Indicate the product and quantity you want to procure in the India Ophthalmology Expo.
  • Visit the Expo.
  • Product will be billed by the vendor to you directly in the India Ophthalmology Expo at special price and delivered to you.

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