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Paying Salaries during the Lockdown.

This question to Hospital owners, how are they going to pay salaries to salaried consultants if the lockdown continues for more than 15 days. Any precedence set for such events. Naturally, if elective surgeries are blocked for 2 months most hospitals won't be able to pay salaries. 

Dr.D.P. For small clinics, it’s going to be difficult to pay salaries if the lockdown is going to be for more than 15 days. Until then we can afford.... beyond that everyone has to share the burden..employer and employee. But I hope ???? things don’t go that level. Only when an establishment can generate revenue can it pay. With zero revenue for a prolonged period no establishment can survive and keep paying salaries, taxes, rent, bills etc. It’s time for the government to chip in

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  • Tushar Grover Reply

    The march salary is being paid in full by most hospitals. It would be impossible for the employer to bear the whole brunt of the lockdown. When there is no revenue, the employees will have to bear the cost as well to some extent, and there will have to be certain cuts imposed on the salary. To what extent would depend on the duration of the lockdown and government directions and advisories, as and when they come. Having said that, the decisions would have to be taken keeping in mind that the employees have families to sustain. It would be good to keep this discussion ongoing in the coming days and take decisions based on the consensus attained by all of us, possible as an advisory from AIOS

    30 March 2020 11:30 PM
  • Dr. Senthil Tamilarasan Reply

    We have a interesting webinar coming Saturday by AIOS where this point will be discussed in detail

    01 April 2020 07:42 AM

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