Round Table Workshops

Ophthall 2019 Practice Development Round Table Workshops

This is an innovative method of participation of groups of Ophthalmologists/Administrators who have interest in a particular service or strategy. The Round-table Workshop method enables participants to make a full contribution to discussions on issues of shared concern and to generate ideas for action. This will be a small closed group discussion enabling more interaction among the participants and coordinators.

Each Round Table will be of 1 Hour 15 Minutes duration and would happen simultaneously in a separate area during the conference. The Round Tables would be coordinated by Experts who have experience / core competence in the Round Table Topic and around 50 Participants would attend each workshop, we will have 16 Round Table Discussions on very interesting topics in Ophthall 2019.

Since the Round Tables get filled very early – We request you to hurry up and register for the round table topics of your interest

Ophthall 2019 Round Table Topics.

  • RT-1 How to set up a ideal Group Practice?
    (Moderator – Dr Debasish Bhattacharya)
  • RT-2 How to set up a Vision Center?
    (Moderator – Dr KIM)
  • RT -3 Negotiation Skills for Ophthalmologists.
    (Moderator – Prof Dr Keiki R Mehta)
  • RT-4 Social Media Strategies for Eye Hospitals.
    (Moderator – Mr. B.G. Vengatesh)
  • RT-5 Patient Counseling – Tips and Tricks.
    (Moderator – Mr. Pratik Kismatrao)
  • RT-6 How to select the perfect EMR for your Hospital?
    (Moderator – Dr Sudhir)
  • RT-7 How to start a Mobile vision care Unit?
    (Moderator – Mr. Keerti Bhusan Pradhan)
  • RT-8 How to create a perfect website for your practice?
    (Moderator – Mr. Kumaran Murugesan)
  • RT-9 How to use Data to Increase Patient foot falls?
    (Moderator – Dr Prashant Kumar Singh Chauhan)
  • RT-10 Getting Started with Accreditation.
    (Moderator – Dr Samina Zamindar)
  • RT-11 How to make eye camps more effective?
    (Moderator – Mr. Meenatchi Sundaram)
  • RT-12 Making the most of your time – Time Management for Ophthalmologists.
    (Moderator – Dr Santosh G Honavar)
  • RT-13 Make your Money Work for You? Investment Strategies.
    (Moderator – Mr. Romil Kapoor)
  • RT-14 How to fund raise for your Hospital?
    (Moderator – Dr. Ramesh B Byrapaneni)
  • RT-15 Human Resource Management skills for Ophthalmologists.
    (Moderator – Dr Yogesh C Shah)
  • RT-16 Ophthalmology Related Business Opportunities.
    (Moderator – Mr.K.Chandrasekar)

Day 1 – August 3, 2019 (Saturday)

Day 2 – August 4, 2019 (Sunday)

Please note:
*Only Conference Registered Delegates can participate in the Round Table Workshops.
*Workshops will happen simultaneously during the Conference in a Separate Halls.
*Only 50 Delegates for Each Round Table Workshops and will be on first come first serve basis.
*One delegate can choose Maximum of eight Round Table Sessions only.

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