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Ophthall 2019 is India's Second Practice Development Conference for Eye Hospitals which happened in Hitex Hyderabad on 2nd and 3rd August, 2019. The event had around 45 Excellent speakers from both Ophthalmic and Business side and is a must watch for anyone who is interested in developing the practice and taking it to the next level.



Registration Only for first 200 Delegates

Indian Delegate
Ophthall 2019 CD Kit Only
Amount Rs. 2000
GST @ 18% 360/-
Total Rs. 2360/-
Ophthall 2019 CD Kit and Ophthall 2020 June Chennai Meet Registration (Save Rs. 3000)
Amount Rs. 5000/-
GST @ 18% 900/-
Total Rs. 5900/-

Terms & Conditions

  • CDs/ Pen Drives will be couriered to the Address Provided within 10 Days time of Receipt of payment.
  • All Videos will be unedited Raw footage of entire two Day Ophthall 2019 Event and Round tables.
  • These videos are for Personal use only and not for Public Distribution.
  • The videos are captured Live in the Event and are unedited, we have made efforts to give good quality videos but shall not be able to accept any other changes than what is captured.
  • No refund will be provided.
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