We have all heard the story of the thirsty crow- who saw a Pot of water near the well, but could not reach it since water was at lower level in the pot and the neck was narrow. The crow started thinking and then picked up some stones and put them inside the water one by one and then the water came up and. The crow drank the water and flew happily.

This story teaches us a lot of managerial skills or proves the fact that " Where there is a will- there is a Way" . As practitioners we are faced with a lot of challenges like the thirsty crow - but what is important is to become the thinking crow and identify solutions. This story teaches us about how to be creative and innovative and find solutions to the challenges we face in our Ophthalmology Practice.

Problem- 1- Not having Enough Patient Foot falls

Lets start with the common problem of not getting enough patients in our OPD and how to increase the foot falls. What we have to do is start from analyzing the present patient foot falls. How many of us calculate everyday as to how many patients come everyday and how many or new and how many are review patients.

Its very important to analyze this metric and always make sure that New patients are more than old patients. If the ratio is in reverse we should strategize to increase new patients.

How do we start?

1) If you have a EHR - the software would track the number of new and Old Patients who come in Everyday

2) If you still are using Physical case sheets, ask your reception staff to give you the list at the end of the day as to how many new and Old patients have come today and what is the ratio for the month.