Can we have discussion about chair for ourselves which r ergonomically good for using in OPD while examining patient on chair unit.

The doctor chair which come with Chair unit is not at all good ergonomically as they don't have back support. 

Many of us do have chronic backache due to prolonged use of these chairs. We need to find good ergonomic alternative to these old styled doctor chairs which comes with chair units.

Dr Kaushik Shah 

The best chair for all back problems is the one without a backrest! Please believe me! Keep the spine straight with no couching.  Tough for first 2 months!

This is called saddle chair . Try not to lean to your backrest, as long as it is possible, from tomorrow. Your back will be stronger this is common physiology

Dr MS Ravindra 

Chairs with back support 

Yes.. In VR,surgery sometimes you have to lean on your back for a few minutes  so that the assistant can complete his job. Sometimes you also need a moment to think and strategise about the case as to how to control the bleeding, or why retina is not settling or how to segment or peel membranes.. Typical motorized surgeon chair is useful. 

Dr Saravana Kothandapani be continued