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Rexxam (Shin Nippon) Digital Refractor System

DR-900 Digital Refractor

Description :

Rexxam Refraction System - high quality and precision optics meet stringent standards in eye refraction. Its good mechanical design (Sequential-Control Lens Rotating Units) delivers swift and quiet mechanical transition. The smart-compact refractor head & 10.4-inch full-colour touchscreen controller will surely help to maximize the practitioner s refraction test experience.

Product Specifications :

SPHERICAL POWERMeasurement range-28.750 to27.25D
Measurement unit0.12D,025D, 0.50D,1.00D
CYLINDRICAL POWERMeasurement range0D to ±6.00D
Measurement unit0.25D,1.00D
AXISMeasurement range0°to 180°
Measurement unit1°5°
Measurement range48.0mmto 80.0mm
Measurement unit0.5mm 1mm
PRISM DEGREEMeasurement range0 to 20
Measurement unit0.1, 0.5, 1
PRISM ANGLEMeasurement range0° to 360°
Measurement unit1°, 5°
VERTEX DISTANCE            12,13.75,16,18mm
CROSS CYLINDERAuto cross cylinder( ±0.25D)
±0.25D cross cylinder, ±0.50D cross cylinder
AUXILIARY LENSP,D,occluder,foraminous board(1mm) polarization filter(45°/135°)
Red Maddox(right eye: horizon, left eye: vertical),R/G filter(right eye: red filter, left eye: green filter), dispersing prism(right eye:6 BU,left eye:10BI),lenses for retinoscope(+1.50D/+2.00)
PRINTERThermal line printer with an automatic cutter
MONITOR10.4 inch LCD monitor
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONSHead385 to 417mm(W) × 112mm(D) × 308mm(H)
Controller272mm(W) × 272mm(D) × 204mm(H)
Relay box326mm(W) × 119mm(D) ×?83mm(H)
WEIGHTHeadApproximately 5.3kg
ControllerApproximately 2.5kg
Relay boxapproximately 2.4kg
RATED SUPPLYAC100 to 240V,50/60Hz

Communication cable
Power cord
Printer paper
Near point chart
Near point holder
Near point chart bar
Dust cover
Operation manual

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