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Scansys- Anterior Segment Analyser


Description :

Scansys Anterior Segment Analyzer Scansys provides a professional solution for anterior segment diagnosis. It applies Scheimpflug camera which can collect 107520/230400 data points and generates 28/60 cornea tomography images in high resolution. Scansys can provide a series of topography maps including cornea curvature maps, cornea thickness maps, cornea elevation maps, etc.

Product Specifications :

Clinical Application

Keratoconus Diagnosis
Scansys can provide the prevalence of Keratoconus by using the AI algorithm.Further checking the topographic maps to accurately analyze amd diagnose the keratoconus.
Refractive surgery
Total cornea aberration guides surgeons to evaluate preoperative and postoperative visual quality to ensure patients of best surgery effect.
 IOL Optimization
Specially designed for cataract surgery. It supports clinicians to choose suitable Toric IOL? Aspheric IOL or Multifocal IOL for patients.
ICL Surgery Examination
Scansys supports in different angles to collect a high- resolution picture, It also provides White to White, AC depth for ICL surgery.
AI intelligence recommends the diameter of the ICL crystal and gives elevation of the arch.

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