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Ophthall Class B BenchTop Autoclave

Ophthall-Reico-Class - B, BenchTop Autoclave

Description :

Ophthall Reico Fully Automated Bench Top Class B Autoclave - 23 Litres

Product Specifications :


23 Litres

Chamber Size

Chamber: SS316 L Types of Cycles Process: B - Type process,N- Type process and S-Type process

Product Features

  • Steam Generator:Spray Type to ensure Uniform Pressure and Temperature.
  • Water Storage Tank:Water reservoir with storage capacity up to 5 Liters. With water circulation
  • Panel: Digital LCD Screen can Display Temperature, Pressure, Time, Running Status, Fault Alarm and Other information with Optional Built In Printer
  • Error Control :The range of alarm includes Temperature & pressure sensor failure, phase time-out, doors not properly closed, power failure continuous self checking of all the safety devices, low water level etc.


  • 1340C Wrapped.
  • 1210C Wrapped.
  • 1340C Flash/Rapid open instrument cycle.
  • 1340C Textile.
  • 1340C Prion.
  • Test programs : Bowie Dick & Leak Test

AMC/CMC Warranty - 3 Years from the Date of Purchase- the Only Bench top Autoclave in India with a extended AMC/CMC

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