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Ophthall-Surgical Microscopes

Ophthall-pro, Ophthall-max, Ophthall-zen

Description :

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscopes was born out of the need for a Top Quality Yet Affordable Microscope for the Indian Ophthalmologist. These microscopes come in various models and are made in India with Imported Optics. Now Every Ophthalmologist in India can Own a Surgical Microscope and start his own OT

Product Specifications :


Ophthall Pro Microscope- Value for Money Microscope for Every Ophthalmologist 

 High Resolution and Wide Field Optical System having exceptional depth of field

 Built in Axial Illumination System with Bright Light Spot

 0 Degrees Coaxial Illumination for a super clear red reflex

 5 Step Magnification

State of the Art Balancing arm Mechanism/ Autoclavable Handles

Halogen or LED Dual Light system options

Single Knob Operation for emergency switch over to stand by Light source

With Easy to move Joints and castors, the floor stand guarantees outstanding mobility and excellent stability at the same time. Reliable brakes ensure that the system remains locked in the required position.

Ophthall Max- Microscope

Ophthall Pro Microscope as Above + Beam Splotter and Camera

Ophthall Zen -Microscope

Ophthall Promicroscope+ Beam Splitter+ Camera+ Titable Optics + Red Glow Enhancement Device

Ophthal Pro- Combo ( For Ophthal and ENT surgeries)

Ophthall Pro Microscope+ Additional Optics and Objectives for ENT surgery

User Reviews

" The Ophthall Microscope is very good, Its value for your money . Its fully loaded yet sleek in design-Kudos to team Ophthall"

Dr Vinod Arora

Navjyoti Eye Hospital Dehradhun

" Excellent Microscope with Great Depth Perception,  Kudos to Ophthall Team, Definitely value for money"

Dr Lalit Kumar

Amrit Hospital - Chennai

"Very good thing to happen for ophthalmologists to have such microscope 

Something affordable and favorable for ophthalmologists happening FIRST TIME EVER



Shree Clinic- Sangli

" The Ophthall Microscope is excellent. Its feature loaded and a great package and cost effective. The only negative is that there are too many wires and this can be sorted out. Otherwise very very satisfied with the product and shall be ordering soon"

Dr Rohan Mehra


"Very good microscope.

The built quality of microscope is sturdy.

The optics of LED source is best among the present entry level LED microscopes. The halogen source is also above average. But the red glow enhancer takes the red glow and depth perception to next level. There is sufficient working space and distance available below the device. The Full HD 1080 with HDMI and microSD card recording system is of  excellent and easy to use. The highlights of the microscope are the excellent optics, good depth perception, red glow and 4 options of light source namely 2 halogen, LED, and Redglow enhancer. And all this at such a reasonable price is unbeatable.

I am really thankful to the Ophthall group for coming up with this microscope. It will also be a big boon for all the  beginners ophthalmologists.

I did 11 cases ...7 phaco 3 pterygia and one SICS on my  day one itself." 

Dr Kshijit Shukul


 "Taken Demo Of Microscope Courtesy Dr. Senthil & Ophthall Group , Good Microscope In This Price Range , The Optics Of LED Source Is Good But Red Glow Enhancer Made The Real Difference . Depth Perception Is Very Good, Above All It Will Be Of Great Help For Young Ophthalmologists."

Dr Satanshu Mathur


It's really a good microscope ( Ophthall Zen) for beginner .I finished one case with only  microscope  light . Another one with Glow enhancing  device  which is wonderful.  Good recording system . Unit is worth the price . As I have zeiss 1 FR microscope, bought red Glow enhancing device and recording system .

Dr Shubhangi Patil
Navjyot eye and children's clinic .
Shahapur, Belagavi 590003

You tube Videos of  Ophthall Microscope

My First Surgery With The Ophthall Surgical Microscope

Ophthall Microscope Now Every One can Own One

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